Maintenance of a new tattoo

The proper care and treatment is the most important for a fresh razor tattoo, because it
basis of false or negligent care to poor healing can result, including the
Motives of the quality would suffer.
In the case of poor healing in most cases the tattoo again after crystal
, which in turn an unnecessary breach of the skin would be, at least if it is correct
Care would have prevented.

Depending on skin condition, body part, type and size of the tattoos we vary the care instructions
a little, some points of the treatment are different for the different methods the same. We can
just a standard statement.
Since each skin is a little different you have even a little bit of sense to develop as its own
Best skin care is (zBsollte one for dry skin a little more than a eincremen
oily skin, so that the scab is not by dehydration einreisst etc. ..).

A fresh tattoo is of the type of skin injury roughly comparable with a slight abrasions.

For very dry skin and / or more joints or otherwise claimed the body and also
Farbt??towierungen is on a tattoo feriggestellte association with ointment Calendula ointment is created,
the best night, but min. 10 hr on the tattoo should remain (For smaller tattoos
or not so highly stressed skin, we renounce the ointment Association).
From the next day should be cautious after the removal of the Association of the tattoo carefully and only with
the hands (no washcloth or similar use) with a mild, non-greasy retroactively, if possible free parfum
Soap washed. Thereafter, the tattoo with a lint-free tissue, eg Kitchen roll,
dry (only dry-blot). This should preferably every 2-3 hours.
The individual should wash passages as short as possible, so that the fresh tattoo is not
loose is washed as long as scab on the tattoo is.

The frequent washing has the purpose, Wundschorf thin to hold and thus the healing process.
Our experience has shown that little, thin or verschorfte color tattoos are meaningful and
also heal a lot faster.

From 3 Day is about 2-4 times gossamer alternatively Calendula Ointment, Calendula balm, Bepanthen
or another Panthenolhaltige wound healing ointment and applied: it should be a little bit of ointment between the
Verreiben fingertips and thin dab on the tattoo.

With only black or only black and gray tattoos, a slightly modified treatment
worth. The tattoo is from the first day possible, all washed 2-3 hours, as previously
described. However, after washing thin Aloe First spray (which you of us mitbekommt)
sputtered and left to dry. For drier skin may also be on the first evening gossamer
Calendula ointment or dressings and healing ointment is applied.
The washing procedure - aloe spray is a total of 3 days continued, until about a
thin crust is formed.
Then it is every 4 hours to wash and demand, as already mentioned above gossamer
Calendula ointment or wound-healing ointment and apply, if the skin is' excited 'feels very
dry is the right time of an Creams.
This maintenance method works also very good if you replace the Aloe First Spray
as pure (min 97% ig) Aloe vera gel is used.

After about 5-7 days, the scab off completely by itself and be including a new skin
have formed. This is still very thin and vulnerable, so you should also drop after the
Scabs are still very carefully and gently with circumvent the fresh tattoo.

It is important to remember some points - of course, from the date on which you have received this tattoo:

You should NOT during Abheilphase

  • Sweating - no sports, no extreme movements carry
  • showering or bathing
  • At the tattoo or scrape pulen
  • On the tattoo sleep
  • Close, lint (wool) or abrasive clothing
  • ins solarium or otherwise exposed to strong sunlight for at least 8 weeks
    It is also important to ensure that no dust, dirt or other to reach the fresh tattoo.

    So always think - it is certainly a breach of the skin and it is up to you, your body
    to assist in this injury to heal. If you go a little bit of discipline to handle it, then
    is the joy of a permanent tattoo nothing more beautiful in the way.